European Cultural Foundation: An introduction

Eric Vloeimans at Imagining Europe event. ©Photo: Jan Boeve

Towards a new Europe: an invitation from ECF’s President

HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

The future of Europe is not fixed. We have to imagine where we want to go and what we want to work towards. Both citizens and leaders need to think creatively about the road ahead. We need creativity to innovate, to help overcome challenges and recognize and seize opportunities.
HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands
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The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is an independent foundation based in the Netherlands that has been operating across Europe for almost 60 years. We believe that culture engages and inspires people to transcend boundaries and that the connecting power of culture is an essential ingredient for building open, inclusive and democratic societies.

Our activities are diverse but show a high level of interconnectivity – from our programmes for young people and work in the European neighbourhood to our grant-giving, our advocacy, our publications and our digital presence. ECF’s highly skilled international staff reflects this diversity.

There are three main objectives underlying everything we do:
ECF supports arts and culture communities throughout Europe and especially encourages the exchange and empowerment of new generations to realise a shared future in Europe.
ECF is committed to projects that contribute to cultural policy development locally, nationally, regionally and on a European level.
ECF shares and connects knowledge across the cultural sector and links culture to other spheres of knowledge. ECF’s ability to realise our objectives and scale up our efforts are a reflection of the strength of our partners. Our partnerships are manifold and include funding partners and partners in whom we invest for our activities.


Re-imagining Europe’s future: a note from ECF’s Director and ECF’s Chair of the Board

It is our pleasure to welcome you to ECF’s first fully digital Annual Report. This new way of presenting our vision and projects, figures and forecasts fits seamlessly into the platform approach we have adopted for our digital presence. By publishing our Annual Report online instead of on paper, we aim to make this information more accessible and relevant (and to save some trees at the same time). The report is structured according to our three guiding principles, and preceded by an organisational overview. (See horizontal navigation bar.) >> Read more